05.01.2011 11:29   One Hundred Day Memorial After Grand Master Lê Sáng’s Death Hundreds Vovinam disciples gathered to commemorate 100-day memorial ceremony

Master Lê Sáng’s family originally resided in Thanh Hóa Province, but he was born in autumn of 1920 in a house on

(Translation by Trinh Do) Tall, strong, dignified, possessing a piercing gaze that reflects deep conviction and confidence, having a deep yet friendly

In 1968, the house at 31 Sư Vạn Hạnh (Tổ Đường) intitially has only a ground floor. In 1992, the housing structure

Eulogies for the Grand Master My dear Master, Today, we gather here to offer our deeply grateful hearts to you, our great

  Nuesto querido y respetado Gran Maestro Lê Sáng, se ha ido para siempre dejando tras de sí una profunda pena y

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