Date: March 06, 2017


  • In accordance to the Overseas Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Management Council’s by-laws,
  • Based on needs for organizational growth and advancement of core personnel to meet rising demand of Vovinam in overseas territories,


The Executive Committee of Council of Overseas Masters is pleased to announce:

Article 1.                During the 4th General Assembly event, an technical examimination will be held to evaluate candidates of Yellow and Red Belt (up to Red belt level 2).

Article 2.                Exam dates: from 22 June, 2017, starting at 9:00 am

Article 3.                Location of Assembly: City of Seattle, Washington state, United States

Article 4.                Qualified candidates need to complete registration for the 4th General Assembly and VLC 2017 event to participate belt exam. 

Article 5.                All belt exam application (published on website) shall be submitted to the Head of Examination Board, Master Diệp Khôi via Email: khoidiep@hotmail.com. All submitted applications will be reviewed and responded within 30 days of receipt, that should allow sufficient time for the candidate to make proper travel arrangement.

Article 6.                For more details of the the high-level belt examination, please see the instructions and application form (Belt Examination Application, Belt Examination Regulations, Guidelines for preparing Red Belt Thesis) posted on www.vovinamoverseas.com website.



On behalf of the Executive Committee

Head of Examination Board

Master Diệp Khôi 

Notes: If you are qualifed and would like to participate in this belt exam, please read and complete the required form and requirements below:

pdf download

Belt Examination Announcement
Belt Exam Regulations and Requirements
Belt Exam Application 
Instructions for completing martial art master thesis


Frequently Asked Questions about High Level Belt Exam

1.       Who is organizing this high-level belt exam?

By the decree of our late Grandmaster Le Sang on creation of the Masters Council of Overseas Network (also known as Overseas Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Management Council), one of the council’s charters is providing oversight and organizing high-level belt exams for all overseas Vovinam associations in promoting and expanding the Vovinam organization.  Traditionally every two years, the overseas members host a general assembly and organize a high-level belt exam.  On this 4th General Assembly in Washington, United States, a belt exam for red and yellow belts will be hosted within the Vovinam Leadership Camp.

2.       Who can participate in the international belt exam 2017?

All Vovinam disciples in the world, regardless of your affiliation, country of your residence, if you qualify with Vovinam techniques, meet all specific requirements, may apply to participate in this belt exam. All application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your eligibility promptly.

3.       How much is the cost for participating in this exam?

A nominal fee of 50 USD is required.  Please make payment at the same time as you submit your application

4.       I would like to take this belt exam, what are the conditions for me to participate?

If you meet the following requirements you will be qualify to take the exam:

  •    a)      Can demonstrate all technical skills expected for the belt level you’re planning to take
  •    b)      Show proof of completion for the current belt level (or proof of completion by Vovinam officials)
  •    c)       Meet the maturation time requirement since last belt exam and demonstrate some contributions to the development of Vovinam discipline.
  •    d)      For red-belt level, complete a martial art thesis per instructions
  •     e)      Submit belt-exam application and pay required fees

5.       When will the belt exam take place?

The belt exam grading will commence at 9:00 am Thursday June 22, 2017 at Sound View Camp and will end at 5 pm of the same day.  If you travel from afar, please arrange your travel schedule to arrive in advance for this event.  (We recommend checking out details of Vovinam Leadership Camp 2017 for specific information)

6.       Do I need to participate in the camp to take the belt exam?

Yes. All bet exam participants must register for attending the Vovinam Leadership Camp 2017 as the belt exam is a part of the camp out event.

7.       When is the last day to sign up for the belt exam?

All applicants must submit required forms and documents prior to May 31, 2017.  We strongly encourage you to check out details of Belt Exam Regulations for your preparation and planning.

8.       If I have follow-up questions, where would I post them?

For all questions regarding belt exam, please send them to lienlacvovinam@gmail.com

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