Document: #002/HĐVSTT-HN

February 28, 2015


Subject: 3rd General Assembly of Masters Council of Vovinam Overseas Network


Dear Senior Masters and all Masters, Instructors, and fellow Vovinam disciples overseas,

In the spirit of solidarity and in the effort of building a strong mutual assistance networks of Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo around the world, the 3rd General Assembly of the Council of Masters Overseas will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 13-16 August, 2015.  The Australian Technical Union have been preparing to host and is excited in welcome you and all fellow Vovinam disciples from all over the world to congregate in Melbourne for attending the 3rd General Assembly.

The General Assembly will include the following activities:

+ Commemoration of the Grandmaster and other deceased senior masters

+ Belt exam and grading for intermediate and high level (yellow and red belts)

+ Organization building tasks

– Assessment of past activities and determining strategic future direction

– Election of the Executive Committee members

– Presenting revised organization structure and bylaws

– Discussing specific plans of action

+ Special training sessions and workshops

– Technical review and technique training

– Applications of Vovinam teaching (võ đạo) in real life

+ Discussion

– Presentation on useful and pertinent topics

– Exchange and sharing of experience in managing Vovinam schools

+ Friendship bonding

– Activities that promote disciple fellowship

– Other bonding activities for everyone

In addition, after the General Assembly, the organizing committee will lead a sight seeing tour going through Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane especially for visiting guests.

We cordially invite all Masters, Instructors, and fellow Vovinam disciples worldwide to join us. Your participation not only will demonstrate the spirit of solidarity, but also exhibit our collective strength and determination in building a great Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo overseas network.

Farewell in solidarity and geniality.


Master Diệp Khôi

Chairman of the Management Council
On behalf of Masters Council of Vovinam Overseas Network



 Thư Mời Đại Hội lần thứ 3 (tiếng Việt) 

Invitation to 3rd General Assembly (English)

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