Date: March 09, 2015


• In accordance to the Masters Council of Vovinam Overseas Network’ by-laws,
• Based on needs for organizational growth and advancement of core personnel to meet rising demand of Vovinam in overseas regions,

The Executive Management Council is pleased to announce:

Article 1. During the 2nd General Assembly event, an technical examimination will be held to evaluate candidates of Red Belt (Hồng Đai) and Yellow Belt (Hoàng Đai) levels.

Article 2. Belt Exam dates: from 13 to 16 of August, 2015

Article 3. At location of General Assembly: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Article 4. Qualified candidates can register to attend the General Assembly and belt examination starting from the date of this notice until 30 June, 2015. All submitted applications will be reviewed and responded within 30 days of receipt.

Article 5. All belt examination application shall be submitted to the Head of Examination Board, Master Diệp Khôi via Email:

Article 6. For more details of the the high-level belt examination, please see the attached documents and forms (Belt Examination Application, Belt Examination Regulations, Guidelines for preparing Red Belt Thesis).


On behalf of the Executive Committee
Head of Examination Board
Master Diệp Khôi

Thông Báo Khóa Thi Thăng Đai Belt Examination Announcement



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