Last week, the 2nd Council of Masters Overseas (HDVSTT-HN) was held in Orlando, Florida from 21 to 23 of August 2013. Orlando City welcomed the delegations from countries like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia and vavious states of the United States such as California, Texas, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma and Florida… In addition to the members Council of Masters, the conference also has the honor of hosting Master Nguyễn Văn Nhàn who came from Europe, Master Võ Văn Tuấn, representing Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo’s Council of Managing Masters from Vietnam, and the elder masters such as Master Ngô Hữu Liễn, Master Nguyễn Văn Cường, and Master Phan Quỳnh.


Chuẩn bị chương trình thi cao đẳng hải ngoại 

According to the conference program, a high-level belt grading also took place as scheduled. Results of the exam are announced as follows:

Two Red Belt 1st degrees:

  • – Trần Kim Thúy (Texas, USA)
  • – Trần Hữu Tuấn-Anh (Washington, USA)


Eight Preliminary Red Belts:

  • – Nguyễn Xuân Nhân (Germany)
  • – Pietro Bertoldi (Italy)
  • – Lê Đức Hòa (California, USA)
  • – Mirko Coltro (Italy)
  • – Bảo Lâm (Washington, USA)
  • – Carmelo La Greca (Italy)
  • – Huỳnh Đức Trí (Boston, Massetchusetts)
  • – François Elber (Switzerland)


Two Yellow Belt 1st degrees also get graded during this occasion:

  • – Nguyễn Trần Tấn Đạt (Texas, Hoa Kỳ)
  • – Nguyễn Tùng Chinh (Washington, Hoa Kỳ)

During the conference many discussion and workshops were being conducted. Based on the input of the the participants at the meeting, a new set of committees were created to assist the Overseas Council of Masters (HDVSTT-HN), and the the results are as follows:

Technical Committee:

  • – Lead: Vs Trần Minh Hoàng
  • – Secretary: Vs Nguyễn Đình Đức


Teaching Committee

  • – Lead: HLV Nguyễn Tùng Chinh
  • – Secretary: VS Pietro Bertoldi


Finance Committee

  • – Co-leads: Huỳnh Khắc Minh, Vs Nguyễn Sơn-Hải, Vs Bảo Lâm, HLV Nguyễn Xuân Hà, HLV Nguyễn Long


Communication Committee

  • – Lead: VS Bùi Long Cửu
  • – Secretary: VS Lê Đức Hòa


Competition Organizing Committee

  • – Lead: VS Trần Hữu Tuấn-Anh
  • – Secretary: VS Trần Kim Thúy

After the conference the committees will begin operation under the direction of Overseas Council of Masters.

Here are some images of the conference activities:

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