Dear our respected elders, ladies and gentlemen, masters, coaches and friends,

Today is a happy day for all of us despite the differences we have come together in a reunion to share our fellowship in Vovinam, to participate in high-level belt exam, to study from one another, to share our feelings and in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Ladies and gentlemen, this overseas masters council network is a garden, open to welcome all Vovinam disciples irrespective of viewpoints . We are all disciples of Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo which was started by our Founder Master Nguyễn Lộc, cultivated by Grand master Lê Sáng and other venerable masters. Solidarity does not mean to we think and say similar things but solidarity really means we recognize and listen to different opinions. It’s time we need take advantage of the common synergy and together developing a strong discipline, so the immense sacrifice of the Founder Master and other venerable deceased masters will not be in vain.


Today in the warm atmosphere of a big family, with presence of many masters, pastor Nguyễn Quang who have travels from distance and from the four corners of the earth to come here for this 2nd masters conference. On behalf of the Organizing Committee we are very pleased to welcome Pastor Nguyễn Quang and all of you.

Before concluding, let me borrow two of the verses from the Grand  Master’s poem:

Embrace our brothers, unify our hearts, let’s build the foundation of martial way of life
Share our common enthusiam, hands-in-hands we promote our master teachings.


Welcome to you all masters and friends.

Master Vu Duc Tho
Orlando , Florida, USA



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