5th General Assembly of the Overseas Masters Management Council

It is an international gathering where all Vovinam practitioners are welcome to participate.
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CDFAS Sport Center

Only 20 minutes from Paris, France

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GA05 Events


Technical Seminar & Workshops

labelVovinam techniques training and review




Great Masters Commemoration

labelVovinam's Great Masters Commemoration

labelBelt Promotion Ceremony

labelIntroduction of organization members

General Meetings

labelUpdates and reports

labelMaking decisions together

labelPlanning the future




You can follow the GA05 program on your mobile phone by scanning

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OR go to web page: .GA05-program


Please fill out the appropriate registrations below to reserve your place and complete the application if you plan to participate in the belt examination.

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Let us know about your travel arrangements so we can provide you assistance.

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If you want to know how to get to CDFAS from Paris Airports & optionally plan your lodging at CDFAS, check out this document.

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If you plan to take the belt examination, register to be considered and be informed about the requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to these questions may be what you're looking for. Please take a look.

What is the purpose of this General Assembly (GA)?

The 5 th General Assembly is for Vovinam students and leaders from around the world to congregate. This GA will help create an atmosphere where all Vovinam disciples will be able to come together in harmony, making friends and enjoying open and honest relationships with each other.

Who can attend General Assembly?

All Vovinam students of red and yellow belt levels are encouraged to attend. We will be glad to see you.

Where is the location of the GA?

This year General Assembly will be held at in Paris France at CDFAS Sports Center at 64 Rue des Bouquinvilles, 95600 Eaubonne. Depending on the event, we will be using several facilities and halls in the vicinity.

What is the cost for attending this GA?

The event organization costs will be funded by the organizing party. All personal costs including transportation, lodging, and meals will be self-provided. However, to save cost, we’re considering organizing attendants into groups for sharing lodging, meals, and transportation to reduce personal expense.

What type of activities will be going on during the GA?

The GA5 includes the following main events: 
A. 5th General Assembly meetings 
B. Red & Yellow Belt Exam 
C. Commemoration of Reverved Masters 
D. Vovinam Seminars & Workshops 
E. Vovinam Exhibition

What is the arrival airport for travel reservation?

The nearest arrival airport is Paris - CDG Airport.  You can also arrive via Orly-Paris airport. However, CDG airport is more convenient to get to CDFAS. Either options will work.

How will I get to the GA site from the arrival airport?

You have several transportation options to get to the GA site (CDFAS) from the airport including subway, taxi, and Uber services. See the following link for different ways to get there: http://vovinamoverseas.com/images/DH5-Paris/5th-GA-2019-AccesAccomodations-CDFAS-EN.pdf

How will the meals be handled during the GA days?

All meals will be self-provided. You can purchase meals with the lodging at CDFAS.

When is the deadline for signing up?

Registration will be on first come first serve basis with an expected maximum facility capacity. The deadline for registration will be May 31, 2019 or until all spaces are filled. We encourage everyone to sign up as soon as possible to reserve your place.